Your Trusted Commercial Movers Discuss What You Should Expect on Moving Day

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Moving your team to a new office is both an exciting and stressful experience. While it’s a sure sign that your business is growing, it involves a lot of work in-between your day-to-day operations. Your trusted commercial movers identify what you should anticipate on the big day for a hassle-free move.

What to Expect on Moving Day

An office relocation is more complicated than a home move. You need to mobilize your team and prepare for the big day without interfering with your business operations. Stay on top of the relocation process with helpful tips and insights form your professional movers. Here’s what you can expect on moving day:

1. Your movers will arrive at your office.

Before relocation day, your moving company will provide the schedule of their crew’s arrival. Expect your movers to arrive on or before the set time. If you’ve talked to your building manager regarding your moving company’s parking, your movers will park their van or truck in the pre-arranged slot. Otherwise, they may contact you for parking arrangements.

2. Your movers will create an inventory list.

Before packing and moving your workplace furnishings for transport, your commercial movers will take note of everything. They’ll create a written inventory with key details, such as the condition and quantity of each item. The list will serve as their reference throughout the relocation process.

3. Your movers will pack your office furnishings.

Your professional movers will package everything that’s left unpacked on moving day. They’ll categorize the remaining items according to the room that they’ll go into in your new workplace or based on your established sorting system. Keep out of their way, but stay on site so you can address any concerns they may have immediately.

4. Your movers will load your belongings in their vehicle.

Your commercial or residential movers will take each box to their moving van or truck carefully. Set aside items or furnishings that you want to bring to your new workplace personally. Expect your movers to place the packaged furnishings into their vehicle from floor to roof. They’ll make sure not to crowd the boxes to avoid damaging their contents.

5. Your movers will ask you to sign a bill of lading.

Once the loading is completed, you need to check and sign the bill of lading from the movers. The bill of lading indicates the condition of your move and the delivery date of your belongings. Check the document before signing it.

6. Your movers will conduct a final check of your office.

They will check every nook and cranny of your workplace to ensure nothing is left behind. Expect your movers to open cabinets, examine shelving units, and look behind doors. They may also carry out rubbish removal and cleaning services.

Once everything is in order, your movers will transport your workplace furnishings and items to your new workplace.

Be Prepared for Your Relocation

Be informed of the moving process and let Hercules Movers, your trusted moving company in the Tri-State Area, take care of your relocation. Our crew specializes not only in commercial solutions but also in residential, international, and long distance moving. Expect moving day to go without a hitch with our team of experts on the job. Call us now at (732) 324-2500 for inquiries!


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