Commercial Movers Share the Ultimate Moving Checklist

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It’s not uncommon to forget something in the frenzy of moving day. From packing up your stuff and loading up the truck to making sure kids and pets are out of the way and coordinating with commercial movers— the tasks you need to stay on top of are endless. Avoid overlooking anything with a detailed checklist that breaks down every part of the moving process. This list will help you remember everything you need to do on the big day!

Moving 101: The Ultimate Checklist

Moving day passes can be broken down in seven stages, spread out in the months leading up to the move. The goal is to be as prepared as possible. This means not skipping anything on the list. Move on to the next task only when you’re done with the current item. Follow this checklist to make moving day go smoothly:

2-4 Months Before Moving Day

Don’t start packing up your belongings without a clear strategy in mind. Your plan should include:

• Selecting a convenient day to move

• Creating a detailed budget for the move, which includes packing materials, hiring movers, and miscellaneous expenses

• Researching potential short or long distance moving companies to work late

• Creating a detailed inventory of your belongings

• Preparing a dedicated moving folder for your documents

• Informing relevant contacts, such as your children’s schools, about the move

2 Months Before Moving Day

Take your move as an opportunity to eliminate clutter from your new home. Throw out anything that is past its functionality. Donate items that you haven’t used for more than a year but are still usable to charities. Ask every member of your household to do the same with their belongings.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

Now is the time to start packing. Start collecting moving boxes and labeling them accordingly. Purchase all necessary moving supplies and keep them somewhere that’s easy to access during moving day. Start packing up items you won’t use before the move.

Prepare for your first day at your new place as well. Add necessities, such as a change of clothes, non-perishable food and beverages, toiletries, bed sheets, and towels.  Include board games to your “first-day” bag to keep your kids occupied. Finally, pack your important documents and valuables so that they’re safe throughout the move.

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

Inform everyone about your new address. Make sure to update:

• Your utility providers

• Your bank

• Your kids’ daycare

• Your insurance company

• The relevant government agencies

• Any club membership and subscriptions you have

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

Leaving your old home in good condition is as important as moving into your new one. Therefore, take time to clean. Clear out the pantry and perform any applicable home improvement task. Clean the floors, vacuum the carpet, and throw out the trash. On your side, have your vehicles serviced to prevent issues when transporting your belongings.

Moving Day

You’re now for moving day, and it’s time to let your residential movers do their job. Stay out of their way while still being accessible if they need something. Prepare cash for the tips, and if you have time, get some snacks ready for the movers. Do a final sweep at your house, make sure to lock the doors, and welcome to the first day in your new home!

Moving Day is Simpler with Hercules Movers

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