Prepare Your Team for an Office Move with Professionals and Storage Facilities in New Jersey

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Moving your office to a new location is an exciting venture. The change of locale and working in a brand-new office can be refreshing and boost your company’s morale and performance. It’s also your chance to reduce clutter and move what you don’t need into storage facilities in New Jersey.

However, keep in mind that the most critical element of the relocation is your team – you want them to have a positive experience throughout the process. Prepare your team and ensure office relocation success with the help of professional movers!

How to Prepare Your Team for an Office Move

Make your office relocation the fantastic fresh start it should be by preparing your team:

Emphasize the benefits of the relocation.

You can reduce the stress and anxiety of office relocation by highlighting its benefits. Present it as something to be celebrated. Make them excited about the advantages of the new office, such as better parking, amenities, safety, and business opportunities.

If you’re planning a company-wide international moving in Edison, NJ, talk up the local culture and other things the team can discover about the place. Remember that enthusiasm is contagious – the more positive you are about the relocation, the more your staff will look forward to it.

Communicate with your staff openly.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small team or a massive operation – always begin by establishing an open line of communication. For some employees, moving to a new location can create a whole bunch of problems. For instance, they may not have access to a daycare, or they’ll need a longer commute to work. The new location may not have the amenities of the old one. Without proper communication, the relocation may breed resentment among your staff.

Therefore, inform them in advance about the moving plans. Ideally, tell your team about the move a few months before to help them adjust to the idea. Hold a company-wide meeting and send detailed e-mails regarding the relocation. Encourage them to share their concerns and suggestions and establish open lines of communication.

Engage your employees with the move.

While you need a professional moving company in New Jersey for the actual relocation, it’s an excellent idea to make your team an active part of the process. For instance, divide the staff into groups, and assign them a specific section of the office to pack. Solicit advice on the layout and design of the new office. The more your team feels like a genuine part of the relocation, the better prepared they are to deal with the change.

Easy Tips for Planning Your Office Relocation

Now that you’ve smoothed out everything with your team, it’s time to focus on the moving process. Note the tips below:

✓ Create an office moving timeline.

✓ Visit the new office space in person.

✓ Discard unnecessary office equipment and items, and move the rest to storage.

✓ Create an office inventory list.

✓ Update company documents and materials.

✓ Notify clients and business partners.

✓ Hire a professional moving company.

Simplify Your Office Move with Hercules Movers

Let Hercules Movers take the stress out of office relocation, so you and your team can focus on your fresh start! We have everything you need for a successful office move, from packing services to advanced equipment, trucks, storage facilities in New Jersey, and more.

Most importantly, the Hercules Movers employs a team of friendly professionals with years of experience under our belt. Call us now at (732) 324-2500 to learn more about our services, including local moving, international moving, junk removal, and more!

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