4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Moving Services and Self Storage in NJ


Moving to a new home or city can be one of the most exciting times of your life. However, it’s also a momentous decision you should never make on the spur of the moment. Don’t start packing or looking for self storage in NJ without carefully deliberating your big move. As one of the leading moving companies in New Jersey, we recommend thinking over these four simple questions to help you make a smart decision.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving

Getting ready for a big move doesn’t begin by packing up everything you own or looking for a new house. It starts by carefully thinking about the decision. Moving to a new home can be a significant adjustment, no matter the distance. Make sure it’s a decision you won’t regret by considering the questions below:

1. Do you have any friends and family in the new area?

The prospect of starting fresh in a new place is exhilarating. However, having a support system can make it easier to settle in. They can take you around town, help keep you safe while you get your bearings, and offer assistance in case of emergencies.

If moving to a new place without friends and family nearby doesn’t feel right yet, it may not be an excellent time to relocate or consider finding a place where you have a network.

2. Can you afford to move?

Don’t let excitement overshadow your better judgment. Moving is a big financial commitment. Can you afford the new mortgage or rent? How about the cost of living? Do you have savings in case you don’t have a new job lined up yet? For the immediate expenses, do you have some extra money to hire the best local moving services, packing materials, and other incidentals? The lack of a solid financial plan can get you into debt quickly, so evaluate this aspect carefully.

3. What are your job prospects?

Once you have a better understanding of your finances, it’s time to evaluate your job prospects in the area you’re interested in. After all, you can’t enjoy your new city or town when you’re worried about not having work! Below are some options:

• Try to get a transfer within your company

• Go to job interviews and apply for positions in advance of your move

• Tap your network in the new area for potential job openings

4. What’s the transportation situation?

Public transport can vary wildly from city to city. For instance, you need a car to get around in some cities, while others are incredibly walkable with an efficient public commute system. Other than researching the transportation system, check on the car insurance, license, license plates, and other requirements, especially if you’re doing long distance moving from NJ to another state.

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