5 Office Relocation Tips for Local or International Moving in New Jersey

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Office relocation can be much more complicated than moving to a new residential home. You need to consider not just your office equipment and furniture, but most importantly, the well-being of your staff. Streamline local or international moving in New Jersey for your whole office by hiring a professional moving company and preparing your team for the office move.

Tips on How to Prepare Your Team for an Office Move

The preparations should ideally begin way before you’ve finalized a relocation date. For one, you should already be in contact with a professional moving company that has extensive experience with commercial relocation. Seek advice on how to get started and minimize relocation errors that can cost you time and money. Once you’ve done that, focus on preparing your team. Whether you’re moving internationally or just over the next block, below are some ways you can prepare your team for the upcoming office move:

1. Lay down a concrete timeline.

First, keep your employees in the loop regarding the relocation plans. Use a shared office calendar that everyone can access to plot the events of the relocation timeline. Create open communication lines with your employees.

Solicit suggestions and encourage your team to share any issue and concern they have about the move. Keeping them engaged will get more helping hands on board and ease their anxiety and stress about the change.

As you craft your timeline, make sure it doesn’t negatively impact other dates in your business calendar. You also have to factor in the expiration date of your current lease and notify the property manager, suppliers, maintenance staff, and other concerned parties about the moving plans.

2. Map out your new office space.

A few weeks before relocation, pay a visit to your new office space, and map out where everything should go. Doing so will save you much work when it comes time to move in. Share the map with your moving company, then instruct Old Bridge, NJ movers to set down equipment, furniture, and moving boxes into the right areas so your staff can start unpacking ASAP.

3. Update company communications.

The last thing you want after moving into your new office is clients unable to find you, or critical documents getting lost in the mail. Share the address of your new office with relevant contacts. Indicate clearly when the new address will take effect. Update your office stationery, business cards, website, social media channels, marketing materials, and other forms of communication with your clients and partners.

4. Declutter your office.

Use the relocation as an opportunity to declutter your office. Give away any office equipment and furniture you won’t be using in your new workplace. For other valuables you won’t need immediately, consider renting storage facilities from a moving company in New Jersey.

5. Create a moving day inventory list.

Stay organized on the big day by having a detailed inventory list on hand. Consider dividing your staff, and assigning each team to oversee a section. Doing so keeps everyone accountable and engaged.

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