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Packing Takes Longer Than You Think, Why You Should Start Early?

Whether planning a trip or moving to a new place, packing all the essentials is necessary. The main difference between packing for a shift and packing for a trip is that the former takes a long time, and you should already be prepared for moving. Keeping everything packed will allow you to save time and costs on moving.

Many people are rather lazy and avoid the pesky task of packing everything until the day of moving is barely a month away. But by that time, it’s already too late, and you will be wasting your time. In today’s article, we will give you some reasons to start packing sooner. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Why should you start packing everything soon?

One or even two months are not enough time to pack everything. However, this can vary depending on how much furniture and belongings you have in your house. Here are some benefits you will receive by packing everything early:

1.    You won’t have to hurry at the last minute

The earlier you start packing your essentials and belongings, the more time you will have in your hands on moving day. Some things are indeed impossible to pack early. For instance, things you use daily, such as utensils and other necessary items, can only be packed on a moving day.

However, you can still pack other items. Ensure that the bulk of the furniture in your house is neatly packed before the day of moving. This can include dismantled furniture, heavy kitchen items, washing machine, etc. This will allow you to have more time on your hands on a moving day. You can spend your time supervising the moving crew.

2.    You will have enough time to clean up everything.

You shouldn’t leave your house full of dust and debris before moving to another place as it can leave a bad impression on the landlord or the next party who will live in that home. Packing everything early allows you to clean everything under your furniture, large machinery, and other equipment. This kind of cleaning is only possible when you disassemble your furniture.

This will not only put a good impression on your landlord or new party but will also make moving easier for the moving crew, after all, who likes working in a house filled with dirt and debris.

3.    You can evaluate what to keep and what to sell.

Moving heavy furniture and belongings is a tough job. But is it worth it? Maybe you don’t really need some of the stuff you have kept in your home. A huge benefit of starting packing early is that you can see whether the objects you are packing are worth keeping. If you find out that you don’t need those items, then you can get rid of them.

But don’t just throw them away into the trash. You can organize a yard sale and put all the things you don’t need on sale. You will be able to get rid of those things while making money. You can even use that money to finance the moving process. Another option is donating those things to a charity organization.

That way, you will be helping those in need.

Some tips for those planning to move

It’s pretty handy to have a list of things to ensure before moving. This will allow you to keep everything organized. Here are some useful tips for you:

1.    Label your boxes

This is a very simple yet useful tip to know. Labeling your boxes will help you save much time once you move in and start unpacking. Many people don’t label their boxes and vaguely memorize which box is which. But this becomes very complicated when all your boxes are identical. It’s always wise to name all the boxes.

You can also write the room’s name they are supposed to go in. This way, you will know where these boxes will go once you unload them from the moving truck. This is much better than opening all of the boxes and searching for the items you need. Make categories for essentials, bathroom items, utensils, tv, etc.

2.    Evaluate the volume of your furniture and other items

It’s helpful to have an idea regarding how much space your furniture and other belongings are going to acquire. You should sort this out at least a month before you start moving. Declutter everything, then start packing. Wrap the biggest items as soon as possible. Obviously, the dimensions of the boxes should be bigger than the items you are packing.

A good way to do this is by measuring the dimensions of all your boxes. If they don’t meet the size requirements, it’s time to buy larger boxes. Measuring and comparing the dimensions allows you to know how many boxes you need to buy and specific sizes. You will also have an idea about how large the moving van or truck needs to be.

3.    Only get your boxes from a trusted company

You shouldn’t just buy random boxes that you get your hands on. If a box can withstand the weight of a bundle of cookies, then it doesn’t necessarily become a good container for your utensils. Consider buying your moving boxes from a trusted company that specially produces boxes to contain your furniture.

When you put your items in a box not meant for holding furniture, you risk breaking your items. This sounds like a huge loss of money! We suggest you get these boxes in advance so you can start packing early.

Bottom Line:

Moving to a new place is a process that’s mentally and physically exhausting. But you can reduce mental and physical fatigue by starting packing all your stuff early. This is not only time saving but also a good habit.

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Research shows that over 15 million households in the United States move to new homes each year. Moving is one of the most daunting and stressful events for people because it requires careful planning and preparation. At the same time, you have to pay attention to the small details to streamline the process.

Moving is full of mixed emotions. It is a fantastic new adventure, but at the same time, it can cause stress because you have to take care of many different things, including junk removal. So, this can collide your emotions and prevent you from making informed decisions and achieving your goals.

The good news is that you can declutter your old house by hiring a professional junk removal service before or when moving. The purpose is to increase your house’s resale value and generate higher returns on investments (ROIs).

That way, you get rid of unnecessary items, including appliances, furniture, junk, bulk trash, etc., and optimize the entire process. Here is why you need to consider junk removal service when moving. Read on!

Benefits of Hiring Junk Removal Services When Moving

There are numerous reasons why homeowners can’t streamline the moving process and remove junk. For instance, the primary reason is that old items hold emotional value to you, or you may believe that old appliances, machines, or products has financial value. That’s why you don’t want to remove them.

Not removing junk when moving can cause stress, waste your time sorting things, and negatively impact the environment. You can donate unusable furniture and electronic items instead of dumping them in a landfill.

A junk removal company can help you declutter your home and follow a step-by-step approach to support you in what items to keep and remove. Here are a few benefits of hiring a junk removal company.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is the most significant advantage of hiring a junk removal service when moving. Instead of carrying out the process as a DIY project that can waste your time, we recommend hiring a professional, experienced, reputable service to declutter your old home.

Not only will the experienced staff help you sort items, load items, and move these things off of your residential property, but they will also save you a lot of time. So, this gives you positive energy and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other crucial tasks.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Junk removal services accept a wide range of times than agencies that offer dumpster rental services. Hiring a junk removal service can help you discard unnecessary items and dispose of them in a responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly way.

Besides, you can’t put items like old paint containers, tires, and electronics into a dumpster. The good news is that junk removal services accept a wide range of things, including appliances, carpeting, electronics, shingles, mattresses, windows, scrap metal, vehicle parts, and even batteries.

Instead of hiding these items in your basement or storage area, we recommend hiring a licensed and qualified service to declutter your home. Some junk removal companies even accept items that contain hazardous chemicals.

So, if you want to sell your home for a higher profit by impressing prospective buyers, you have to remove all unnecessary things. That way, you can sell your house for a top dollar and move to another place efficiently and quickly.

Organized and Fast Service

Junk removal is the most stressful task if you try to do it yourself, wasting time. Many homeowners think that carrying out the project themselves will save them money. However, this is a misconception. Although it can save you a few bucks, you will waste more of your precious time. Remember, time is money!

So, another fantastic benefit of hiring a professional junk removal company is organization and swift services. A professional junk removal company has an experienced and skilled team who know how to deal with junk in an organized manner and speed up the process.

That way, you can focus on other important tasks and save time. Moreover, packing for a move is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when packing every item. Hiring junk removal services give you an opportunity to remove old and unnecessary items and bring fewer things to your new home. So, this saves time for you and your family when unpacking the items.

Increased Resale Value

The chances are that you have to sell your existing property before moving to a new home. So, if you want to sell your house efficiently and quickly for a higher profit, make sure it looks and feels clean, decluttered, and spacious.

That way, you can attract more prospective home buyers and create a lasting impression. So, you will have a higher likelihood of selling your house for more money. In addition, removing junk before you move into your new house allows you to create a new space that looks and feels like home.

Keeping your move simple and carrying essential items is crucial instead of packing everything to ensure your new home looks fresh, clean, and organized. A reputable junk removal company provides efficient, stress-free, fast junk removal service, increasing your comfort levels.

A Spacious New Home

Because unnecessary items and junk can take up a lot of space in your new home, it is wise to remove them when moving. For instance, if you don’t hire a junk removal service and carry unnecessary items to your new home, you will store them in closets, pantries, attic, basement, garage, and other storage areas.

So, if you have no plans to use these items, you have just wasted a lot of valuable storage space in your new home. It is better to remove these unused and unwanted items than fill up your new home’s storage areas.

Final Words

Moving to a new home requires careful planning and following a step-by-step approach to avoid complications. Removing junk when moving is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners. The good news is that you can reduce your stress levels and avoid all the hassle by hiring a professional junk removal company.


It’s time to move. It’s always something difficult, from packing and relocating to saying goodbye to the neighborhood you’ve gotten used to for so long. What makes it harder is realizing just how much stuff you’ve got, and how much of it you really don’t need – but it’s not junk! So you should take it with you, right? But you already know there’s nowhere to put it in the new place….

These thoughts can rattle around in your head like a box of silverware that hasn’t been properly packed together. Instead of fretting about it, you can hold a Moving Sale to get rid of some of your unwanted, unneeded, or unmoveable items so you can start in a new place with a more manageable inventory of items. It can even help pay back some costs of hiring professional movers to help you get your new home ready. Here’s a quick walkthrough of what goes into a successful moving sale.

1.   Plan Your Inventory

For the next few days of your moving/yard/garage sale, you’ll become the manager of a very low-end store on your own property. So first, you need to figure out what you’ll be selling. Decide, once and for all, what you want to take with you and keep it inside. Everything else should be ready for sale. If it needs to be packed up, hung up, or just dragged out, get it ready.

2.   Plan To Work

If you’ve ever seen a yard sale you must think it’s pretty easy. You just sit in the shade and wait for people to roll by to inspect your goods. It’s not that simple. You’ll need to put prices on everything, every single item, and be willing to negotiate with keen buyers who are looking to get a deal for themselves first and foremost. You’ll be out there all day, for multiple days, just to watch over everything so it doesn’t suddenly turn into a moving-out donation drive instead.

3.   Plan For Weather

Look ahead to see what the weather is going to be like. If you’re lucky, it’ll be sunny and mild so people will be outdoors, walking around as normal who might just happen to cross your street and see what’s going on. You don’t want to have clothes hanging or boxes out in the rain, or in a dangerous heat wave. If you have a garage, you can keep everything in there and let the more weather-durable goods rest outside during the day.

4.   Plan Your Advertisements

A business can’t do business without letting people know that it’s in business. And what you’re running, however temporarily, is a very small business. Send out messages, get friends involved, even make flyers to post in approved public areas if you can. That’ll help get rid of all the extra printer paper you weren’t planning on packing anyway. Just posting a sign in your yard isn’t enough. You want people informed of what you’re doing from one end of your town to the other for maximum potential traffic.

5.   Plan Your Prices

You might be tempted to get a full refund for all the things you bought and never used or forgot about, but that’s just not realistic. Even if you only used that massage gun or blender once, people will assume that it’s as second-hand as anything on eBay is. So you may as well check what people are doing on eBay. Price your goods according to second-hand online stores like eBay. If anyone is curious about how much they should pay, that’s likely what they’ll check before haggling.

6.   Sell Online, Too

There’s no reason not to sell online. In fact, for specialty goods, it’s probably a better idea. Appliances and electronics have a huge market online. Consider the state of your neighborhood. Will the old man down the street really be interested in a slightly refurbished Xbox? The only issue with selling online is time. An item could stay listed for weeks, and by then you will have already moved, so put them up at the moving sale too for a lower price. If it sells, it sells, and you can always deactivate the listing early.

7.   Get Some Help

Moving is already a lot of work, and doing a moving sale is like moving without actually leaving your house. You’ll be arranging and placing all your old items in a new place – the yard, and that takes work. Maybe too much for one or two people to handle. Get the family involved. And your friends. Offer them whatever you can for help, a warm meal, or first pick of the merchandise.

8.   Get Ready Early

You might think that outdoor, home-based moving sales are things of the past, but if you’ve seen one recently then you will figure out why that’s not true. If you advertise properly, people will come. Some make a dedicated effort to go to as many yard sales as they can to hunt for bargains on things. They know you aren’t just pushing your junk out the door for them to collect. The things you sell had value to you once, so they must still have some kind of value to them. Expect some early shoppers to show up as soon as your first day.

9.   Plan For Money

How are people going to be paying for everything? You’re not a real store, you don’t have a credit-card swiper…..But you could. Personal card swipers that integrate with apps on your phone are common place nowadays. They link right up to online payment processors like PayPal, too. They’re great for small businesses, and even though yours is the smallest a business can be, it doesn’t hurt to go digital with money. Not everyone will carry cash, and do you have enough change for everything you listed? Who knows. Maybe someday you’ll need that swiper again. Or, in your next moving sale, you can get a decent price for it.

10.   Everything Must Go

The goal here is to leave nothing behind, not even regrets. At the end of the sale, you might still have stuff left, probably more than you want, but you’ll have made something out of it. As for the rest? If you can’t sell it, and it’s not trash, donate it to a local charity so it can go to people who need it but can’t afford it. You can move out knowing you made your neighborhood a little better than when you left.


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