Your Moving Box Guide. How to Use Moving Boxes and for What Types of Stuff.

Your Moving Box Guide. How to Use Moving Boxes and for What Types of Stuff. | Hercules Movers, Inc. | NJ Movers

As much as moving to a new home, can be exciting, the whole process is a dreaded one. This is because it involves a lot of little tasks that add up to stress you out. Among all the tasks involved in the moving process, one of the most stressful ones is packing the boxes for moving. This is a task that can however not be avoided especially if you are on a budget.

When you decide to finally start packing for a move, one of the first things that come to your mind is moving boxes for packing. Anyone can pack boxes. However, it is important for you to know the right boxes to use. To know the right boxes to use, you have to know the types of moving boxes available for you to choose from and what they are used to move. If you do not know the right boxes to use, you might end up with overloaded boxes and damaged items when you are unpacking. Using the right moving boxes protects your properties during the whole process of moving. A lot of things can go wrong when your properties are in transit. It is therefore important for you to utilize the boxes available to protect the items you are moving.

When moving to your new home, it is important that you have the right kind of moving supplies – especially moving boxes because moving boxes are what you will place your properties inside. Packing your properties for a move will not be too burdensome if you understand what moving box to use for what. When you can identify the types of boxes to use, you can easily and safely move your properties to your new home.

Types of Moving Boxes

You need to know the right type of boxes to get for moving. The first thing to help you determine the type of box will be the items to be moved. You will need to take an inventory of the items you are moving. These items will determine the type of boxes you will get and how many you will need to buy for the move.

Boxes are classified on two main basis – size and purpose for which they are made. This guide will show you the different types of boxes available for you to choose from and will help you choose the right boxes to protect your items.

Moving Boxes Classified by Size

  1. Small-sized boxes

These are also called book boxes. As the name implies, they are small in size. Small boxes are used for moving heavy items like books, shoes, small appliances, records, and more. It is typically 1.5 cubic feet.

  1. Medium-sized boxes

These types of boxes are known as all-purpose boxes. They are used to move things like pots, pans, small lamps, kitchen utensils, medium sized appliances, and more. Medium-sized boxes are typically 3 cubic feet.

  1. Large-sized boxes

Large boxes are mainly used for lightweight items like clothing, blankets, beddings, pillows and many others.  If you have noticed, the bigger the box size, the lighter the weight of the items placed inside. The idea is that it keeps the box easy to lift and move and you do not get hurt in the process of moving.

  1. Extra-large sized boxes

These boxes are for bulky items. They are super-sized boxes typically 6 cubic feet. They are used for bulky but lightweight items that need to be moved.

Moving Boxes Classified by Purpose

To pack effectively, you will also need some special purpose boxes. They include:

  1. Dish boxes

These types of boxes were made especially for moving dishes, steam ware, and other types of delicate kitchenware. Dish boxes come with cell dividers to protect delicate items you are moving. The last thing you want in your new home is broken dishes and kitchen wares thus, the need for special boxes.

  1. Mirror boxes

These types of boxes are used to move delicate items such as large pictures, mirrors, artworks, glass tabletops, and more. You will need a cushion inside of the box with flat foams or bubble wrap to protect these delicate items.

  1. Wardrobe boxes

These are used in moving clothes. They are designed like actual wardrobes. They are large boxes that stand upright and come with bars for hanging clothes, curtains, and more. You can use this type of box when you are trying to prevent the clothes from becoming wrinkled during the move.

  1. Custom boxes

These types of boxes are custom made boxes to move special household items such as antiques, chandeliers, artwork, or any other bulky but delicate item. They are made to the specification of the item to be carried.

  1. Flat-panel television boxes

Flat-panel television boxes are rectangular and come in different sizes for different sizes of televisions. They are ideal for moving any type of flat-screen television. The boxes usually indicate ‘this side up’ to protect the television while moving.

  1. Lamp boxes

Tall floor lamps are very delicate and difficult to pack because of the length and size of them. There are special lamp boxes for them. Lamp boxes are tall and narrow boxes that allow you to move lamps in an efficient way while protecting them adequately.

  1. Insulated foam boxes

Insulated foam boxes are boxes with foam containers placed inside. Foam containers are placed inside and they are covered with foam lids. These types of boxes are used to move refrigerated or frozen items. They keep the frozen items’ temperature controlled during the move.

  1. Mattress boxes

These types of boxes are available in different sizes. You can move your mattress without any box. However, if you want extra protection for your mattress, you can buy a mattress box.

At first, the idea of picking up a few boxes to pack your items for a move might seem like an easy thing to do. However, doing it the proper way to protect your properties is not so easy. It only becomes easy when you have learned what box to use for what.


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