12 Moving Tips for College Students

12 Moving Tips for College Students | Hercules Movers Inc | NJ Movers

The idea of moving for college students might seem fun and exciting until you start to actually prepare for it and it becomes challenging and difficult. Most college students are on a budget and have to manage the money they have for as long as possible. College students’ money has to cover things like accommodation, meals, books, and all other types of expenses that come with being a college student.

Apart from the fact that college students have t pay for accommodation, most of them also have to cover the cost of moving in and out at intervals when changing rooms at the beginning of every school year. This can be pretty expensive for a college student who is on a budget. There are a number of tips to help you pack and move efficiently to minimize stress and cost. These tips will help you plan and prepare so moving will be done with ease and will be more economical.

Make a Plan and a Budget

Make a plan or a schedule that is practical. Set out a date for packing, moving, unpacking, and shopping. A schedule helps to keep you organized. When you have made a plan, it is easy for you to make a budget around your plan. This helps to make your move go smoother than when you are without a plan.

Do a Little Research About the New Accommodation and Avoid Duplication

Find out about your surroundings so you will be prepared when you move in. You will also need to find out the appliances and supplies that are already available at the accommodation. This will help you know what to pack when moving so you do not carry the things you do not need. Consider the fact that you might need to move out at the end of the school year and so the fewer things you move in, the fewer things you have to move out and of course it reduces the cost.

Sort Out Your Items

College students have very limited personal space. So, when packing your things for a move, it is important for you to sort out your things ad take only the necessary things with you. In addition to having limited space, college accommodation is also temporary and so you will need just things that are necessary.


Find out if you have a friend, neighbor or even a family member that is moving from the same location you are to the college you are moving to. If you find, planning and moving together can make both your lives easier. You can split the costs and tasks. Having a partner reduces the burden and the stress of moving.

Shop for Things When Settled

Reduce the things on your shopping list before you move. Ensure that you only buy essentials. It is better for you to buy other things when you have settled into your accommodation. This reduces the things you have to move with. You might also find discounts available for college students in stores within and around the school campus.

Pack Your Cleaning Supplies

When you move in, the first thing you will have to do is to clean the room. It is even advised that you clean the room before you start moving your things into the room. You will therefore need to pack cleaning supplies and make them easily accessible without having to unpack. Pack things essentials like Clorox wipes, disinfectants, paper towels, Swiffer duster, trash bags, and many more.

Pack a Tool Kit and a First Aid Kit

When moving in, you may have to deal with minor repairs. A tool kit will come in handy. Have the basics like a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, cable ties, and duct tape. You might even need this tool kit during the course of the semester.

You should also have a basic first aid kit that contains essentials such as disinfectant wipes, bandages, sports tapes, and over-the-counter pain killers.

Pack an Overnight Pack

This is the most famous tip for every kind of move. This is because chances are that after the move, you will be too stressed to start unpacking that day. Even if you start, you might not be able to finish unpacking. Therefore, plan ahead and pack an overnight bag for yourself. Put all your essentials so you will be able to stay refreshed for the first few days while you unpack and get settled in.

Pack Snack and Drinks

On the day of your move, all the lifting and moving around will drain you. You will be famished. This makes it essential for you to pack snacks, water, and drinks for you to be able to hydrate and refresh yourself during the move. You should also pack some for those helping you with your move.

Move-in the Middle of the Week

The thing with college moves is that everyone is either moving in or moving out at the same time. Thus, there is always a surge. This surge can increase the stress of moving.  Try scheduling your move to be during the week. Weekends are when other college students are moving too. You should avoid the crowd and the rush. If you are hiring a moving truck, chances are that they might not be available on the weekend because of the surge. This can also increase the price of moving. Whenever you decide to move, weekend or not, book the mover in advance to avoid the stress and hike in the price of a last-minute rush.

Inspect Your New Accommodations

Whether it is an apartment or a hostel, ensure to inspect the room before moving in. A few things might have been damaged by the last occupant. The last thing you want to deal with as a college student is paying for damages that you did not cause.

Wear Something Comfortable

You will be doing a lot of lifting and walking about on the day of your move. It is important that you wear clothes you can comfortably do all the lifting in. Keep your dressing simple with things like T-shirts, shorts or jeans and sneakers.


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