Moving Tips

When you have to move, you want to make an informed decision about the details of your move and choosing a reputable mover. We understand that most people do not possess expert knowledge or experience in this field.

As a service to our customers, we’ve put together a list of important details you must know when selecting a mover:

  • 1. Ask Questions. Is the company licensed and insured? Are all charges included in the price and where do they apply? How long has the company been in business?
  • 2. When getting an estimate include all details, how many flights of stairs, etc. Make an inventory list and include everything being moved, report to the movers about any unusual circumstances.
  • 3. Beware of hidden charges. Exactly what are you being charged for? A lot of companies will give you a low estimate, and then rack up the price on moving day, charging you for materials, travel, etc. Ask the company to give you a guaranteed not-to-exceed price in writing.
  • 4. Insurance. All Moving Companies are required to include basic coverage for every move. This may not cover the true value of your belongings. If you wish to purchase full replacement protection, ask your representative to recommend other insurance options.
  • 5. Get a written estimate. Read and understand it. Do not rely on a telephone conversation to be accurate when moving a large house. Ask for an on-site visit.
  • 6. On-site estimates – For large or long-distance moves, it’s a good idea to have a representative come to your home to survey all items being moved. This will help avoid any unexpected costs and will also give you the opportunity to meet with a company representative.
  • 7. Packing. Find out exactly what is included with your move. Most companies will disassemble, pack, and reassemble large furniture items, but will require you to pack all personal belongings. If you wish the movers to do any additional packing, discuss this beforehand, and find out how you will be charged. Most companies charge per box for packing.
  • 8. Materials. Most companies will not include materials in the original estimate. How much do they charge for tape, packing paper, etc.? Do they offer free use of blankets for padding?
  • 9. Payment. Most Moving Companies are only required to accept cash or a certified check. If you wish to pay by credit card or a company check, discuss this and make arrangements before the move takes place.
  • 10. Tipping. You should never feel obligated to tip; however, it is customary in any service industry to receive a 15 – 20% gratuity for a job well done.

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