Do You Need to Empty Your Drawers for Your Move?

Do You Need to Empty Your Drawers for Your Move? | Hercules Movers, Inc | NJ Movers

Is it better to empty drawers for your move?

If you are planning on moving soon, then the question of whether or not to completely empty drawers is probably weighing heavily on your mind. While taking drawers completely out and packing them might save some time, the drawers should be left in place if possible.

The reason that drawers should remain partly filled during a move is for ease of packing. Most home movers find that they have more belongings than they expect when it comes time to pack up all their things. When trying to decide what items from different rooms go into which boxes, those drawers will be invaluable as a reference point.

In addition, drawers may need to be accessed by the movers at one point or another during the move. If they are not completely emptied and drawers remain in place, getting to drawers for items quickly and easily is possible. Packing drawers all the way down takes them out of easy reach and can make drawers more difficult to access when needed by the movers.

Of course, if there isn’t room left in drawers after packing both drawers completely full and then filling one side with clothes, it may be time to start emptying drawers anyway. If that’s the case then refer to these moving tips for help:

  • Squat! Don’t bend over when you can squat instead
  • Keep jewelry organized in a pillbox
  • Keep fragile items cushioned in bubble wrap

If drawers are full, drawers will need to be emptied even if moving experts recommend that drawers remain mostly packed. If drawers are emptying, then they should definitely be completely emptied so the packing process can go more smoothly.

The best choice of whether or not to empty drawers for a move is dependent on how much stuff needs to be packed and what it’s like in the room where movers are working. For example, if drawers are mostly empty of clothes but still have some unpacked items in them, it might make sense to leave drawers partially full during the move since movers aren’t likely going to want access into drawers when there isn’t any real work for them.

If drawers are completely filled and drawers of clothing and other items also need to be packed, drawers should definitely go completely empty so that drawers can come out and drawers can be fully packed.

It is possible for drawers to remain mostly full if drawers still have nonessential, unpacked items in them such as toiletries. In these cases, drawers shouldn’t be emptied but they should still be put away into moving boxes. If drawers still contain clothes then the drawers should either be packed or left out for movers depending on whether or not there is room left over and how many more items will need to fit into the new place.

While it might seem like a pain at first not to empty drawers completely, leaving some stuff inside drawers doesn’t take as much time as it seems. In the long run drawers will make packing and unpacking drawers easier especially if drawers are left partially packed for moving purposes.

Of course, drawers need to be emptied completely if drawers can’t be accessed at all by movers and drawers would otherwise need to be cut into pieces in order to access them and move their contents. Drawer packing advice is often dependent on drawers’ specific circumstances so check with a professional mover or moving company before deciding on how to pack drawers during a home move.

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