How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances Safely For Your Move

How to Pack Small Kitchen Appliances Safely For Your Move | Hercules Movers | NJ Movers

If you’ve been tasked with packing small kitchen appliances for a move, it’s good to know there are some options available to save time and effort.  Regardless of your moving company or method of transportation, small kitchen appliances can be packed in small boxes that maximize the number of items that can be shipped safely at one time.  Add these small containers to your list of small things to pack-up for the big day.

What small kitchen appliances should be packed?

The following small kitchen appliances are perfect for your new home:

Blenders Chefs’ knives Chopping boards Electric whisks Hand blenders Milk frothers Mixers Sandwich makers Slow cookers Tea kettles Toasters

How do I package each item?  What items require special packaging?

To pack small kitchen appliances for a move, you can purchase small boxes with dividers or cut down cardboard shipping boxes to make small containers.  Creating small containers will allow more small things to be packed into each box and maximize the number of small appliances that can safely be moved at one time.  Adding plenty of padding is important to reduce the risk of damage.  If they are small enough, some small kitchen appliances may even be packed inside large kitchen appliance boxes so they don’t have to be handled as much during the move process.

Properly packing knives is also essential.   Using bubble wrap is important for reducing the risk of injury because it cushions the blades securely and keeps small and large kitchen appliances from moving around.  Properly wrapping small kitchen appliances like small coffee makers is important to prevent damage as well as injury during the move process.

In addition, some small kitchen appliances may have cords that need to be packed with care as well as other small parts that might break off easily if not packaged correctly.  Use a small box or container for each small appliance part so they can be properly secured during the move process without risk of being lost.

Where should I store my small kitchen appliances?

If you’re going to pack small kitchen appliances yourself, storing them in a safe location before your big day makes perfect sense- especially if you haven’t chosen a moving company yet or want to reduce the risk of them being stolen.  Using small boxes for packing small kitchen appliances could even be cheaper than hiring a moving company because you use small containers instead of depending upon larger containers or storage spaces.

Can small kitchen appliances be used during my move?

Yes, small appliances like slow cookers and blenders can be used before your move day, but it’s important to be careful.  Keep small kitchen appliances attached to their power cords or use extension cords instead so they don’t pose any risks if they are plugged in when the movers arrive.  Also, unplug small coffee makers and hand blenders before the big day arrives to prevent accidents that may occur when these items are moved around quickly by moving professionals.

Choose your moving method carefully and dedicate plenty of time before the big day arrives to avoid last-minute stress or mistakes that may cause small things to get broken or lost.  Keeping small kitchen appliances clean, properly packed, and stored in small containers might even be cheaper than renting a storage space for them so they are there when you arrive at your new home.


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