8 Reasons You May Want to Move to Ohio from New Jersey

Thinking About Moving to Ohio from New Jersey? Here's What You Need to Know | Hercules Movers | NJ Movers

Thinking About Moving to Ohio? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ohio is a state full of diverse landscapes, from rolling hills and farmland to sandy beaches along Lake Erie. So whether you prefer exploring its snow-dusted ski resorts in winter or paddling down the Cuyahoga River during summer, there’s plenty to do in Ohio year-round.

If you’re considering making a move to Ohio, we’ve compiled some information for you to make the most informed decision possible:

Why You’ll Love Ohio: A Look at the Numbers

Ohio is ranked as one of America’s fastest-growing states, with a median household income of $46,042. It also boasts lower than average unemployment rates for the Midwest, making it one of the more desirable places to live in terms of employment opportunities and career growth potential.

Beyond improving your quality of life through employment opportunities, moving to Ohio can also put money back into your pocket thanks to tax benefits like exemption from personal property taxes on certain items like clothing and appliances used for business.

Education in Ohio

Ohio schools provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost. It’s no surprise, then, that the state consistently ranks near the top of all 50 states when measuring student academic performance and overall experience. Recent rankings from Education Week, for example, show that Ohio has a higher learning and instructional environment than the national average. It also falls in the top 10 states when it comes to measures like class sizes and school funding fairness.

A recent report by WalletHub ranked states based on their K-12 systems. They identified three key metrics for measuring school performance which included: student outcomes (academic achievement), standards and accountability (school safety) as well as spending per pupil (classroom resources). Ohio’s K-12 performance was ranked 9th overall due to factors such as high test scores among students despite its relatively low cost compared to other states.

Additionally, Ohio’s K-12 system has consistently been rated among the top in the nation for education quality. Ohio is consistently ranked as one of the best states for schools, citing factors such as high graduation rates and high standards set by the state for students to remain on track to graduate from high school.

Friendly Midwestern Values

People living in Ohio are known for their friendliness. In fact, its cities consistently rank among the Top 4 Most Livable Places in America because of their high quality of life and abundance of excellent universities (which also happens to make them great places to find a job). So if you’re looking for a friendly place to raise a family, Ohio might just be the right state.

Accessibility and Location

Ohio is centrally located in the United States, meaning you can quickly get to where you need to go. In addition, you’re never far from the cities and vacation spots that you love, thanks to Ohio’s proximity to major transportation hubs like Chicago or New York City. Plus, with the many driving options in Ohio, getting to your next destination is a breeze.

Unparalleled Outdoor Experiences

From Lake Erie’s sandy beaches to the glimmering waters of Buckeye Lake, there are ample opportunities for water sports and recreation. In addition, hikers can enjoy scenic trails throughout the state where they’ll find more than 50 state parks and nature preserves that preserve unique features of Ohio, such as Hoosier National Forest or Kalahari Resorts Snowtubing Park.

Additionally, thrill-seekers can also take advantage of Ohio’s bicycle paths which feature over 1,000 miles in total. Columbus is known as one of America’s most family-friendly cities thanks to exciting attractions like COSI and the Columbus Zoo for those who prefer something on dry land.

Entertainment in Ohio

Ohio is home to more than just world-class museums – it’s also a haven for movie buffs who enjoy everything from IMAX theaters to 3D releases. You’ll never be far from your favorite theater, thanks to the state’s diverse selection of cinemas. Additionally, the music scene features more than 700 live shows daily, making Ohio one of America’s most vibrant states when it comes to entertainment options.

Job Opportunities in Ohio

Ohio is known for its manufacturing industry, and to this day, that remains one of its major economic drivers. However, you can also find other employment opportunities in the state beyond manufacturing jobs. According to the Ohio Development Services Agency, Ohio’s largest private employers are Walmart, Kroger Co., and Fiserv Inc., all of which provide excellent job opportunities that often offer benefits and perks like career advancement opportunities or tuition assistance for continuing education.

Ohio is also home to a handful of Fortune 500 companies such as KeyCorp (a bank holding company) and Progressive Insurance Corp. – meaning you’ll have access to some of the best companies in America at your doorstep.

The Small-town Lifestyle You’re Looking For

If you’re tired of city life but still want access to everything you need, consider moving to Ohio, where’ll you can find a quiet and safe neighborhood that’s still close to all the major cities you love.

If you’re looking for a home with a yard and don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere, Ohio is an ideal choice where you can enjoy urban convenience without feeling isolated from your neighbors. For homeowners, this means never having to worry about over-crowding or the long commutes associated with life in larger cities – something that’s on the minds of Millennials who are increasingly moving away from large metropolises and choosing suburbs instead.

Ohio’s Low Cost of Living

While housing costs are higher than those you’d find in more rural areas like Kansas or Nebraska, they’re significantly lower than in places like New York City or San Francisco. For example, consider how much rent would run you on average if you decided to move to Manhattan and compare that with what you’ll pay for similar housing options in Columbus. Overall, every dollar counts when it comes down to choosing where you want to live – which is why Ohio remains an appealing option thanks to its reasonable cost of living.

Final Thoughts on Moving to Ohio

Ohio is a thriving state that offers everything you’d expect from America’s heartland. From an abundance of cultural opportunities to housing options to fun recreational activities, Ohio has something for everyone – which is why it remains one of the most sought-after places to live in the country.


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