6 Tips to Know Before You Change Your Address

6 Tips to Know to Change Your Address When You Move | Hercules Movers, Inc. | NJ Movers

How do I “change of address” with the post office when I go to move? A: The easiest way to accomplish this is by visiting your local post office. How do I change of address with post-office? A: You can either make changes manually at your local post office or online at the USPS site.

Step One: Create a Change of Address Checklist.

This checklist will serve as your guide throughout the entire process of moving. Start by writing down the full name of the person to whom you will be mailing the mail. Add the new address of the new home and any other new or alternate contact information. On the Change of Address form, add any new or alternate names for the recipients such as roommates, children’s schools, or workplaces, etc. Also list the full street name of your new home, including any other streets or routes that will be traveled to get to your new home.

Step Two: Mailing your Change of Address with Post Office.

Send your request by regular mail to the applicable address such as your Post Office or the address online. Mail your package through normal delivery services, unless you have a self-service mail option. When you mail your package, use the self-service option provided by the USPS. Read carefully the instructions included on the form.

Step Three: Processing Your Change of Address with the Postal Service.

Usually, within two weeks, you will receive a reply from the USPS letting you know whether your request is approved. On the other hand, if you did not receive a positive response, you may need to resubmit your request. In this case, start making arrangements for your mail to be received by the applicable address on the next business days.

Step Four: Faxing your Confirmation Code.

Once you received the approval from the USPS, you will need to send a fax to the local post office confirming your mailing address change. Make sure to enclose a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with your confirmation code. The local post office will forward your Confirmation Code to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is where your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be processed. You will receive a forwarding start date from the DMV, which allows you to pick up your vehicle. However, it may take two weeks from the date of service sent by the USPS to actually pick up your vehicle.

Step Five: Changing Your Driver’s License.

As soon as you receive your new driver’s license, you should immediately change your license number. Use the same mailing address as you used to change your address. Provide DMV with your new license number, and then follow up two weeks to schedule the change of address. At the change of address, provide your printed driver’s license with a copy of your canceled check, and your signature. A SASE will be provided to you with your official change of address.

Step Six: Changing Your Mailing Address.

You will need to contact the local post office with your change of address request. A SASE will be provided to you with your official new mailing address. Follow the directions provided by your local post office, and then return to the DMV with your signed application and payment. Provide your printed driver’s license with your updated change of address.

If you follow these steps appropriately, you will be able to successfully complete a business change of address. By using the proper procedures when changing your address, you reduce the hassle associated with it. You also lower your chances of being incorrectly registered and assigned a new address. If you have any further questions, you can contact the local post office for more information.

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