4 Reasons to Book Your Moving Company In Advance

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How Far In Advance Should I Book the Moving Company for My Move?

Are you preparing for your next move with your moving company? Perhaps you’re interested to know how far in advance I should book the moving company for my move.

You need plenty of time when you are planning your big move. Picking a moving date is probably the most challenging part of planning your move.

You want complete assurance that you are prepared with all of your stuff and that the weather, temperature, and your schedule will be perfect. It would help if you had time to find a company to help you with your move.

This article will discuss when you should be booking the mover and help you determine the date on which you should start looking for the perfect moving company for your needs. Finding a good, reliable, and affordable moving company is not always easy.

So we have listed all the information you need to know about booking my move-in moving company.

Why You Should Hire A Moving Company Far In Advance

Hiring a moving company is an exciting event, but it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to hire one last minute.

When moving, you should plan at least one month. You can hire a moving company that is experienced and professional. You can get help from them, so you don’t have to lift heavy objects and make sure everything is safe during the move.

Here are four reasons why booking a moving company in advance is the best bet:

1.    A Specific Mover

Moving companies can fill up quickly, especially if you’re moving during a popular season (like summer). You’re guaranteed to have your pick of movers by booking in advance. Your options will be more limited if you wait until the last minute.

2.    Locked-In Rates

Rates are constantly fluctuating depending on fuel costs, availability of labor, and other factors. As movers get busier, they may even bump up their prices. If you book early, your price is locked in. You’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes to billing.

3.    Plenty Of Time To Plan

If you book with a moving company in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to plan things. If you wait until the last minute, there’s no guarantee that you can hire a mover at all — or that the price will be reasonable when you find one.

4.    Your Choice Of Date And Time

Booking earlier helps ensure that you get the company of your choice (and not just whoever has availability). You’ll also be much more likely to secure a truck on the date and time that works for you, which is expected to be less busy for everyone involved as well.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book Movers?

Many people believe they may book a moving company when they are ready at the last minute. However, it is best to start your search for a company as soon as possible to get the best rates. For example, if you want your move to occur in three months, start looking for moving companies now. You don’t want to wait until 30 days before your move because you will be stuck with the most expensive mover.

If your move is local, meaning that you’ll be moving within the same state, you’ll want to start looking for movers as soon as possible. Most companies have a lead time of around two weeks, and if you wait until the last minute, they might not fit you into their schedule.

If your move is long-distance, then you’re going to need even more time to prepare. Most long-distance movers will require a minimum of four to six weeks’ notice from the person who will be paying for the move. Some moving companies might ask for up to eight weeks’ notice for an international move. It gives them enough time to assess your needs and find the right crew for your job.

We recommend doing your initial research online and then calling the companies which seem most suitable for you and having them give you an estimate over the phone or via e-mail. This way, you can see how much it will cost and decide if it fits into your budget or not.

The best way to schedule a moving company is to book them three or four weeks in advance. It gives the company enough time to organize their workers’ jobs and train them on their belongings.

When to Hire Movers for Loading and Unloading?

Hiring professionals for loading and unloading is sometimes necessary. You can hire movers to load or unload at any point in your move, but there are certain times when it’s more beneficial than others.

Before hiring a moving company for your entire move, you’ll want to make sure there is enough time for the movers to load the truck and unload it at their destination. It’s best to negotiate a specific window for the movers to be available.

Find out if they can work with your schedule or if they have availability on certain days of the week. If you’re hiring movers hourly, then availability isn’t as much of an issue. You can have them show up whenever you have time to let them in and out of your home or apartment.

Bottom Line:

The context of your move will be the ultimate factor in determining how far in advance you will need to book a moving company. Short distance moves during peak season, extended distance moves, and long-distance moves taking place at off-peak times will all have their timeframes associated with the booking, which require some advance notice.

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