11 Tips About Moving From New Jersey to Wyoming

11 Tips You Need to Know About Moving to Wyoming | Hercules Movers Inc | NJ Movers

Thinking of Moving to Wyoming, Here’s What You Need to Know

Wyoming is one of the Western States in the United States. By landscape, Wyoming is the 10th largest state but, by population density, it is the least populated state in the United States. Wyoming is a beautiful state filled with lots of sites for recreational activities. However, a lot of people view this state as a vacation spot and not a place to stay. In addition to being a beautiful state, Wyoming has a lot of things to offer.

If you are thinking of moving to Wyoming, there are a lot of things you would need to be informed about and take into consideration before making your decision to move. We have put together a list of things you need to know before moving to Wyoming.

  1. Quality of life

Quality of life in a state is the level of comfort concerning the health, social and economic wellbeing, and happiness of individuals in the state. Wyoming is a state with good quality of life. Wyoming is ranked as one of the top states in the United States with the all-around physical and financial wealth and social wellbeing of its residents.

  1. Cost of Housing 

Regardless of major reasons for deciding to move, everyone prefers affordable housing and so you must consider the cost of housing in a place before deciding to move there. The cost of housing in Wyoming is well below the national average in the United States. Wyoming has affordable housing. This quality makes the state an attractive option when deciding to move.

  1. Low Crime Rates 

Crime rate is the number of crimes committed in a location. You need to consider the crime rate of a place before deciding to move there. Wyoming has low crime rates for both violent crimes and property crimes. This makes it a good option for anyone considering moving to the state.

  1. Low Pollution 

Considering the times, pollution is almost inevitable. There is therefore hardly any place you are considering moving to that does not have an element of pollution. However, you can decide to evaluate the rate of pollution in that location. Wyoming has some of the cleanest cities in the United States. The level of population is relatively low, and the state has some of the best quality air in the United States. If you decide to move to Wyoming, you will be able to take clean deep breaths without having concerns for your lungs.

  1. Tax Liability 

Everyone wants to pay a little less tax than they already pay. If you are currently living in a state with high tax rates, moving to Wyoming will make it possible for you to have a lower tax liability. The state has one of the lowest tax rates in the United States. The property tax rate in this state is 0.61%. This rate is the 9th lowest property tax rate in the United States. The sales tax rate ranges from 4% to 6%. In addition, there is no income tax levied in the state. If you are considering moving to a place to reduce your tax liability, Wyoming is your state.

  1. Outdoor Activities 

If you are a lover of outdoor sports, then Wyoming is your state. The state has beautiful spots for a variety of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities you can enjoy including skiing, fishing, and mountain climbing.

Wyoming has a lot of parks, and these parks are some of the best parks in the United States. The state has about 14 parks both state and national parks. There are also some national forests and wildlife refuges in Wyoming. If you decide to move to Wyoming, there will be a lot of outdoor sports and activities to keep you busy and help you relax.

  1. License and Vehicle Registration

If you are thinking of moving to Wyoming with your car, it is important for you to not that any new resident must register out-of-state vehicles within 30 days of arrival into Wyoming. In addition, you have one year to get your Wyoming driver’s license.

  1. Economy and Employment Opportunities

The economy of the state is not the strongest in the United States. The major drivers of the economy of Wyoming are its mining sector and tourism sector. Wyoming has a lot of natural resources. This makes mining and extraction a popular sector in the state. The state is also popular for tourists as there are a lot of beautiful natural sites and parks in the state.

The top employers in the state are government agencies, the educational sector, the mining, and extraction sector, and the tourism sector. If you are a professional or you do not practice in the popular sectors in the state, you might want to secure a job in the state before deciding to move to the state. The rate of unemployment in Wyoming is relatively high. You do not want to be in a new location without a job.

  1. Accessibility Issues   

Wyoming is a large state by size but, it is not a populated state. The population density in the state is low. Thus, there tends to be a lot of space between houses. You might also have to go a distance to get to the nearest available store or health care center. On the bright side, the low population density of the state allows for less traffic as there are not a lot of vehicles on the road. This makes it easy for you to get to your destination regardless of the distance.

  1. Severe Weather 

Regardless of the season, the weather in Wyoming can be very harsh. Take winter for example. Wyoming’s winter is harsh and sometimes unending. Flooding is also a common occurrence in Wyoming. These severe weather conditions have caused Wyoming to be classified as a dangerous place to work and live due to the high rate of fatalities caused by extreme weather.

  1. State Laws

Because states can make laws in the United States, you must be aware of the laws of any state you are thinking of moving to. Like many other states, Wyoming has some uncanny laws and so you must get familiar with them to avoid breaking the laws of the state. You should know that ignorance of a law is not an excuse for breaking the law.

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