10 Ways to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move

10 Ways to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move | Hercules Movers, Inc. | NJ Movers

How to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Move

If you’re moving, it can be a stressful task. A single mistake before the move could cost you thousands of dollars on unneeded damage repairs, or even worse: lost items. So when planning your relocation, be sure to put some thought in to how you’re going to protect and prepare your home for delivery.

Below are 10 ways to help you protect and prepare your home for a move.

Prepare your family

As the move date approaches, family members need to be on board with your decision. If they have other concerns, such as school, the best idea is to plan a time when they can get used to the idea of moving. Therefore, you should talk with them and make sure they are comfortable with everything that is going on. One approach that works is by making it fun and exciting for them as well like taking them to visit the new location. On top of that, you should also talk to utility companies to ensure there are no issues or interruptions in their services.

Choose the right moving company

Professional movers offer various services on how to prepare your home for a move. For example, you can hire professional movers that specializes in moving household items. They are known to have the best moving techniques and can pack, move and unpack your items safe and efficient. However, when hiring a mover, there are many things you need to consider such as the cushion for weight, the price range and size of your move. Furthermore, make sure you pick a mover with a license from government agencies.

Protect their valuables

If you hire professional movers that provides services, your valuables will be safe. Therefore, you need to ensure your goods are packed properly so they can be protected from wear and tear during the move. For example, you can place fragile items in containers or bags. In addition, make sure there is padding on the bottom of the box. Otherwise, the items may be damaged during unpacking. Moreover, consider buying padding for wall panels as well as door frames so the boxes will not get scratched during packing and moving.

Pick a suitable time for moving

There are certain days that are ideal for moving as there is less traffic when compared to other days of the week. This is because most people are busy doing work and having work-related gatherings. So, you need to determine the right time for moving as well as do not plan it on weekends or weekday evenings. For example, if you have a packed schedule and need to move your items in the afternoon, then that is the best time. Besides that, there are also special times when you can hire movers like when they have off days or holidays from work. In addition, avoid moving during heavy rains as there could be flooding around where your house is located.

Clean up before packing

Move-outs are stressful for many people because of the fact that it takes longer to pack everything away than you thought it would take. That is why you need to be organized and prepare beforehand. When you are ready to get it done, start by removing all the small items that are not visible and can collect dust over time. In addition, ensure to clean up large areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or garage. Remember that when cleaning these areas, make sure they are completely clean so they will not collect dirt while you pack your items away.

Choose appropriate boxes for shipping

When shipping your household items from one location to another, the best way is to use cardboard boxes for shipping. They come in different sizes and shapes but do a good job of ensuring your house items remain protected during transportation. Moreover, hence your items will not be damaged during shipping.

Pack and ship important items first

If you have a limited amount of time and do not have much to move or pack, you need to put on high priority the items that are most important. For example, if you have files or important documents you need to save, consider packing those first. In addition, consider putting the magazines and newspapers that your children like in order to make them happy during the move out day.

Pack your items properly

When moving out, there are a few things you need to include in your packing list. If you do it right, it will be easy to get the job done. For example, ensure you have packed most of the kitchen items first. In addition, some items require packing with specific directions such as fragile items since too much movement during moving can cause them to break. When packing fragile items, consider using bubble wrap or boxes with thick padding on top to prevent damage from shifting during transportation. Also remember that heavier items need more cushioning than lighter ones in order for the boxes not to break during moving. In fact, if you have several items that need to be packed together, consider using a handle or strap so this will not move around or fall over during transportation.

Keep an eye on your pets during the move

When moving house, it’s also critical to keep your pets safe while making sure they do not get agitated during the process of moving out and moving in again. For example, ensure they have enough food and water while they are in the home. In addition, make sure they have a place to sleep and play with toys so they can be entertained during the move out day.

Keep your keys safe during moving

Moving homes can be stressful not just for you but also for your next door neighbors. So, you should also keep their safety in mind as well. For example, if you are moving a key for your next door neighbor’s mailbox, keep it safe by preventing it from getting lost or stolen during the move out day.


There are various things to consider when moving house. Some of the things that homeowners can do for their move out day include packing their belongings in boxes, using bubble wrap, packing straps, and packing tapes. However, it would be best to hire professional movers in case there are more than one households involved. They should be familiar with all the processes and have experience handling these kinds of situations to avoid any mishaps or messes. It is important to have an organized move out day and makes the process more efficient.