The Best Places to Live in West Virginia in 2022. Yes, We Said West Virginia…

The Best Places to Live in West Virginia in 2022 | NJ Movers | Hercules Movers, Inc

The state of West Virginia is no stranger to the difficulties of rural living. With coal mining and manufacturing jobs declining, the state has experienced rapid population decline in recent years. While some are desperate to escape the economic downturn, others have embraced their new way of life. The towns harbor some of the most interesting cultural changes and have become hubs for artists and musicians. The following are the best places to live in West Virginia in 2022:

1. Welch

Situated in the Southern portion of the state, Welch was established long by early settlers from Pennsylvania. The town initially served as a trading center for local farmers and the surrounding region. The city is best known for its historic architecture, much of which is listed on or protected by the National Register of Historic Places. Today, Welch is home to over 6,000 residents and has a variety of modern businesses due to its proximity to nearby urban centers such as Huntington and Martinsburg.

2. Elkins

Surrounded by a mountainous region, Elkins is located within the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia. Originally a resort town, Elkins became an important transportation hub and is now a tourist destination. Served by Amtrak, the city has become a popular base for hiking, camping, and fishing. Elkins is home to over 7,500 residents and has several cultural sites, including the historic Grand Opera House and Cabell County Courthouse.

3. Morgantown

The largest city in West Virginia in Morgantown. The town was initially settled by early Pennsylvania settlers in the 1700s and is also home to West Virginia University. Morgantown has several modern businesses as well as restaurants and cultural attractions. The city has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, driven by a strong job market supporting over 54,000 residents. Additionally, Morgantown is home to a large health care industry, and several national companies have recently established facilities in the area.

4. Clarksburg

Located in the state’s northern portion, Clarksburg is easy to reach from many major cities. In the town are several historic buildings, as well as a variety of modern shops and restaurants. The city also offers spectacular views of nearby forests and has a population of over 17,000 residents. Like Morgantown, Clarksburg has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

5. Charles Town

Located in the Eastern portion of the state along the famous Skyline Drive, Charles Town is a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The population of over 6,000 residents is primarily centered in historic downtown, and many have restored their homes to reflect its earlier history. Charles Town is also home to several modern businesses, restaurants, and cultural sites like the Sisson Museum.

6. Bridgeport

Nestled between several mountain ranges, Bridgeport is located in the Eastern portion of the state and serves as a trading center for nearby farming communities. The town’s history dates back to the early 19th century when it was established as an early settlement by a group of Quakers. Today, Bridgeport has over 6,300 residents and has several large employers. The town also has a variety of cultural and historical sites, including the Old Stone House and the Bridgeport Barn.

7. Parkersburg

Parkersburg is a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts along the Ohio River in the western portion of the state. The town contains several historical buildings and some modern businesses and restaurants. Parkersburg has over 16,000 residents and is a hub for the manufacturing, shipping, and retail industries.

The benefits of moving out of New Jersey to West Virginia

In recent times, many people move out of new jersey and move to West Virginia. The following are the benefits of a long-distance move:

A. More affordable housing

In New Jersey and other states, new home prices are the highest in the country. In many cases, a mortgage payment is more than three times the average salary of someone who moves in with their parents’ monthly rent. In-state, there is no such thing as a “housing bubble,” so interest rates are relatively low (and therefore, mortgage payments will be cheaper then). It is effortless to find real estate in West Virginia.

B. Higher education in West Virginia

for the average person who moves out of new jersey and moves out fast, it is much cheaper to go to college there. The average further Jersey tuition will cost you around $20,000 yearly (even less if you get into a state-funded university). In West Virginia, the education at state universities is approximately $6,000 per year and even less if you get into a state-funded university.

C. Lower cost of living in WV

West Virginia is a state with a lower cost of living. The average salary in West Virginia can get you more than five times your living expenses. Even if you factor in the higher cost of housing there, it is still cheaper to live there than it is to live in New Jersey. Also, you can use your gas money for stuff like going out to eat and other things that the average working new jersey resident cannot afford.

D. Easy access to major cities.

To move out of New Jersey, you must at least be able to drive to New York City, Philadelphia, and other cities in the Northeast (Boston is also very centrally located). In West Virginia, it is easier to reach large cities such as Charleston, Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

E. More jobs available per capita

West Virginia has a lower unemployment rate than new jersey and most other states in the region. Many people who feel that their employment situation is not good enough for them to move out from New jersey are typically offered jobs when they move out there.

F. Overall, better living

In new jersey, there are a lot more expenses involved. Not only does it cost you three times more, but you also pay a lot more on taxes, insurance, and other fees you don’t need to pay out of pocket. There are also a lot of extra taxes (like property tax, state tax, and gas tax) that are not required in West Virginia. Overall it is much easier to live there in terms of mortgage payments, groceries, and entertainment than in new jersey.


Moving out of New Jersey can be a very successful decision if you want to reduce your expenses and enjoy a better quality of life. But whether you do or not, I think it is a good idea to spend some time going through some detailed information on the web before making this decision. This will give you an overall better understanding of what to expect in different areas and make it more likely that you’ll have a positive experience moving out of New Jersey.