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Moving? Relax and leave the moving to us!

Moving can be one of the most stressful ordeals in our lives. Because you are not merely moving your belongings from one location to another. Your life is actually changing at this time.

However, if you get organized and plan ahead, you can make sure your family enjoys the smoothest possible move.

Every move, whether large or small, is a complicated business. We at Hercules Movers are here to offer you our professional, expert services and more importantly, peace of mind.

Moving is always stressful, no matter how well prepared you are for it. At Hercules Movers Inc, a moving company based in New Jersey, we firmly believe that moving is as much an emotional process as it is physical. After all, you are saying goodbye to a place (home or office) that was a part of your life and has associated memories.

During the move, if you have to constantly keep wondering whether you packed item 'A' or if item 'B' (breakable) has been pushed under the bottom of other heavy stuff, obviously you cannot focus on the final goodbye. And if you get emotionally involved with moving, the chances are that item A would be left behind or you will find item B broken to smithereens when you unpack at the new location. Is there a way to help you strike a balance? One word answer - yes. Extending the answer to two words - Hercules Movers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are Hercules Movers, who can offer a professional solution to all your moving requirements. We take the stress out of your life while you are moving out and moving in, allowing you to focus on other important details including making an emotionally satisfying farewell to your old home (or office).

We are one of the leading New York moving companies and offer our services for clients throughout the tri-state area.

Why Hercules Movers?

Greek mythological hero Hercules was immortal and blessed with the strength of a hundred men. Our NY NJ moving company is the modern day Hercules strengthened by the close to three decades of experience in the New York moving industry and the team of able, dedicated and experienced staff. When you hand over your 'moving' tasks to us, you can be sure that you are in efficient and strong hands.

We are the One-Stop Shop for all your moving needs

At Hercules Movers, we offer professional moving solutions for a wide range of situations including commercial or residential moves, local moving, inter-state moving or even international moving. Often you may have to move home and your business simultaneously. You don't have to go hunting about for two separate NY NJ moving companies and spend time and energy co-coordinating two separate moves. We shall undertake both the responsibilities and carry them out in a professional fashion, so that the stress on you is minimal.

We are committed to Quality and Professionalism

We strive to provide our customers the best and the most professional service at all times. At Hercules Movers, the staff members undergo regular training and their performance on the job is periodically reviewed. The customer centric approach is part of the organizational culture and runs across the organization right from the top management to members of our sales team right up to each individual packer and mover. We are sure that your will find our quality of work and professionalism the best amongst all New York movers.

The Hercules Movers Guarantee

All our processes are periodically reviewed to ensure that they adhere to the highest quality standards. When it comes to a residential move, whether it is packing your delicate items or handling valuable works or art or even dealing with large items of furniture or your precious piano, you can rest assured that you will find your all your items in the exact same condition post the move.

With respect to a commercial move, we exercise the same high level of professionalism whether we are helping a 'mom and pop' store in the locality or whether it a relocation of a sprawling office complex. We take special care of all office equipment like computers, printers, photocopiers etc, so that they do not show any 'signs of fatigue' due to the travel, particularly in a long distance move. This is our guarantee. And we will stick to it at all times.

The Trusted Residential and Commercial Moving Company NY NJ

Since we started our business in 1983, we have helped numerous clients in the Tri-state area accomplish commercial and residential moves within and outside the state and even internationally. Our greatest reward comes from the fact that we have established a relationship of trust with our customers, and have worked with them to provide moving solutions more than once. We are proud that a good percentage of our New York moving business is generated through referral from our existing clients.

We Offer the best 'Value for Money' Moving Experience

At Hercules Movers, we understand that each customer is different and each move is different. Accordingly, our pricing patterns are not fixed. For instance, we charge a per hour rate for local moves, while for long-distance moves, the pricing is based on the weight of the shipment or on a 'per cubic feet' basis. This flexible system ensures that you get the best 'value for money' and the best New York New Jersey moving service in the entire tri-state area.

We also offer 'pre-moving' consultation service. One of our moving experts will visit your premises and after getting a first-hand feel of the nature of the move, he/she will provide you a 'not-to-exceed' price quotation for your consideration. Our charges cover insurance too. The prices we quote are all-inclusive and you will not be 'surprised' by the NYC mover bill that we present to you.

Other Services

Besides helping with your moving needs, we also provide storage and junk removal service. We believe these are an integral part of any moving process and it is our endeavor to offer the most comprehensive assistance for all your NJ and New York moving requirements. Contact us to know more about these two service areas.

The decision to relocate is often not easy. Let Hercules Movers NY NJ be part of your moving process so that you are at peace at least with regard to the actual physical aspects of moving such as packing and safety of your items. This peace can help you deal with the emotional aspects of moving more satisfactorily so that you are happy and positive when you step into your new home (or office).

We look forward to hearing from you.

We promise to deliver the highest quality service and hands-on personal attention in the moving industry. That's our ironclad guarantee. We appreciate your business, that's why it's so important to us to make your move as easy as possible. We pay attention to your every need and concern, and are dedicated to earning your lifelong trust.

Trust Hercules Movers to simplify your life and make your relocation a successful one!

First-rate services at honest prices

We offer Residential or Commercial moves. We offer a wide range of services including local, long-distance and international moving as well as packing, crating and storage services. We are also accomplished apartment http://www.herculesmoversinc.com/New Jersey Movers, house nj movers, office New Jersey Moving Companies, and piano movers. We will provide all labor, materials, and any other necessity to complete your move.

Hercules Movers offers either hourly rates or a guaranteed price, which is a flat rate. The price for your http://www.herculesmoversinc.com/New Jersey City Movers will be guaranteed in writing and there will be no other hidden charges.

Our professional staff, new trucks, equipment, and excellent storage facilities rank among the best in the industry.

Hercules Movers is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

We are listed with the Department of Transportation and are members of AMSA & NJMA.

We're with you every step of the way

We take pride in our impeccable record as responsible nj movers. We aim for your complete satisfaction, nothing less. We'll work with you every step of the way.

We offer a unique way of pricing your move with a professional relocation consultant--by phone, email, or at your home. Our courteous and professional team is available to discuss every stage of your move. Whether you need us as your New York Moving Company, Tri-State, international or New Jersey Moving Company, we'll take care of you. You'll be amazed at how we get things done!

On-site visit is FREE and highly recommended for large local moves and cross-country moves.

We offer FREE boxes with every move & FREE box delivery.

Our pledge

At Hercules Movers we care about the complete success of your move as much as you do. Your satisfaction is our business.

Hercules Movers has provided superior services to thousands of satisfied customers in the Tri-state area and we look forward to making YOUR move a success!

At Hercules Movers, moving you smoothly is priority #1. So don't expect the usual service. Expect more.

Hercules Movers - Peace of mind when you need it most.



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